"J.O.N.A.S (Junior Operatives Networking As Spies)" 
put this on your wall to stop the Jonas Brothers Hate and protect everything Jonas. If you do post this, then say the oath that says you will stop Jonas Haters at all cost and to live by the JONAS law.

" I swear to stop the hate and bring peace to all that is JONAS"

Jonas Brothers saved my life
"I find it Critical to not have Nick in my life.
The world sees color, but I see Black Keys.
I try to Hold On, but I need to Take a Breath.
I need to Keep it Real and not play Games
I am What I am and I am proud to be a Jonas Addict
At 705, Nick Jonas asked me to Fly With him. And I did.
Now we're Inseparable, and he's Much Better.
I'm his Biggest Fan"

╚═ .`·.¸.Ian Somerhalder
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The Secret Life of the American Teenager story- Aria Avery Rain

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Description: What if Ricky got another girl pregnant before Amy? What happened that made her run out on him while she was carrying his first born? Why does he ignore the fact that he had a child before, John? Where is John's older sister?

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Hello. Would you consider reading my fanfiction story 'the secret life of the american teenager [season 6]'. 
      Thanks if you do :) i would appreciate it
      •secrets are yet to be revealed. ;)•