Ever since i was a little girl ive loved to read. Now i lock myself in my room and read. Lol. I can read 2 thick books in 1 day. I always end up getting a headache. My mom says i need to do other things besides read. I think its my own personal drug. Btw i dont do drugs just so you know. Or smoke. 

I have 5 some what beautiful dogs. 1 sis and 2 bros. Big family huh. I love the colors hot pink neon green and neon blue those are my fav colors. I wanted to dye my first dog pink but my mom said no. I love food. Im not overweight tho. Well i dont know you would have to decide. Anyway as you can see i am not a shy person. :) Well i didnt want to write too much about me because i would sound self absorbed and concited. I dislike those kinds of people. Bye
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tatywild101 tatywild101 Jul 03, 2013 03:39AM
new story called The Vampire's Assistant. look it up read it. i will upload july 4th
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