Hello Wattpad! 
          	The time has come to announce the 10 Grand Prize Winners of the Once Upon Now contest, the 10 winning stories are now posted! 
          	A big thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to the final winners!


@target I miss the amazing writers of Wish Upon Now - the overall long list of contributors. Such amazing writers. Target can we have a second Wish Upon Now Anthology? 2017 <3


Oh, wow. I can't believe this was finally announced, lol. Congratulations to everyone! How exciting for you all!!! So many great stories!


@target WOW! FINALLY! TOP 10 is ouuuut! Congraaaaats to all!!!!


First Zayn, then McDonald's, then Wendy's, then Beauty and the Beast, and now, Target. I can't wait to see what's next XD


@target I have a complaint to make. At my local Target store, my mother was looking to buy me the Harry Potter Movie Collection, but there were none on the shelves. That being said, she went and asked if there were any in the back, but there wasn’t. The person who she was speaking to told her that there were some that were on a truck that hadn’t been fully unloaded yet. My mother questioned if they could retrieve one for her from the truck but they refused. 
          I hope you realize that you ruined my Christmas because that was pretty much the only thing I was excited to get.  
          My father will hear about this.