Well, I love to read and occasional write when I feel inspired. 

I always try to leave a comment when I read to give authors feed back, because I always appreciate feedback from my readers.

I am a big TV geek.

I always try to help other writers and I also do cover design :)
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talltvlover talltvlover Apr 15, 2012 07:10PM
@ch4rmed I love lengthy comments and I really appreciated it that you took the time to do so :) I will definitely continue reading your story :)
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M.C.M. - Magical Crises Management

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Description: Jessica Hollows is a witch who just graduated from college and is unsure what she will do next. Due to her bad timing she stumbles upon an “inconvenient” incident, which to her surprise leads to a job offer i...


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An Archid Family Matter

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