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"Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"

Heyy, I'm Tali. I'm a bi/pansexual, reserved, Canadian gal and I've been writing since I was young.

I love reading and writing mostly fantasy novels (anything takes place in a new world or has any number of supernatural creatures that don't exist in reality.) I love escaping to places only possible in my imagination.

MUSIC: Rap and Rock (TOKIO HOTEL) mostly, but I like all genre's EXCEPT Country and Classical.

MOVIES: Inception, PotC, LotR, Resident Evil, Fast & Furious', I am Legend, The Avengers, Star Trek: Into Darkness, I Robot, Van Helsing, Pacific Rim.

SHOWS: The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, SPARTACUS, Queer as Folk, The L Word, Dollhouse, CSI: New York, House, Law and Order: SVU, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Teen Wolf.

WHAT I LIKE TO READ: BxB (BoyxBoy), Sterek, Destiel, pretty much anything Vampire (I'm not fond of corny/cheesy, but I will read it — I prefer my vampires dark, mysterious and violent, with a little bit of sexy/seduction), Scisaac, Fantasy (as I've said before).

?+?=LOVE <3

A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a ''Slut.., no one knows she was raped at age 14. People call another guy ''fat'', no one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight, People call an old man ''ugly'', no one knows he experienced a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war. Re-post this if you are against bullying and stereotyping. I bet 88% of you won't.., yet we shud..

ǝƃɐd ɹnoʎ oʇuo sIɥʇ ǝʇsɐd puɐ ʎdoɔ 'sʎɐs sIɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʇno
ǝɹnƃIɟ oʇ ɥƃnouǝ ʇɹɐɯs ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟI

- Vampiric Interdiction (Vampire #13 (12.13.12), Fantasy #63 (12.13.12))
- For His Protection (Short Story #32 (06.20.13))

- The Paris Awards, June 2013
Category: Vampire - "Vampiric Interdiction"
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New STEREK fic. "My Place or..." :) @ShellyK06
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