1. peachy
2. pansexual
3. female
4. thighs are fckn hot
5. i tend to be over dramatic
6. incredibly antisocial
7. but still willing to talk to you hmu
8. former emo yikes
9. idk i like fries
10. i write shitty stories that's about it

yes, i do write smut, though not much. still be warned. yes, i use bad language in my books. yes, they're pretty much all gay so waddup.

if i'm not replying to you i'm probably heavily sobbing over some kind of book or piece of literature, sorry.

i do enjoy my fair share of anime, so far i've watched:
-black butler
-death note
-attack on titan
-tokyo ghoul
-love stage
-yuri on ice
-your lie in april
-blue exorcist
-dramatical murder
-sword art online
-darling in the franxx
- haikyuu
- the seven deadly sins

i also enjoy:
-voltron (kind of oof season 8,,,)
-mystic messenger
-game of thrones
-harry potter
- steven universe

music i'm into:
-panic! at the disco
-twenty one pilots
-billie eilish
-all time low
-bts (obviously)
-my chemical romance
-troye sivan
-lofi bc fuck you
-idk i can't think rn

feel free to message me or read my books (please lmao) i promise they're horrible.

if you read this far i will admit my undying love to you in approximately one month and twelve days.

(don't count on that)

yeah alright bye
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taebuz taebuz Jun 05, 2017 02:58AM
if you have any good fanfic of vikturi, otayuri, ereri, eremin, or phan p l e a s e send them to me i will worship you forever thank ~
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