Hey im Alex im one of those people who u never no what they are going to do and uu dont want to dare them cause ill do it!!!! XD Anyways im a huge manga and anime fan and i LOVE BOOKS!!!!! I love yaoi and hate it when people criticize lgbt so if ur one of those people who cant stand them then that just sucks for you!!!!!!!!! My fav song is Make It Stop by Rise Against. (Its AMAZING!!!) Some of my fav mangas are...
- Naruto
- Black Butler
- The Betrayal
- Inuyasha
- Ouran High School Host Club
-Some of my fav books are...
- Eargon
- The Hungar Games
- Lockdown
- The Shadowing
Well thats all i can think of rite now so if u have anymore Q. just ask. OH! and my fav colors are Black, White, Purple, Silver, and Clear!!! Ok BYE BYE! =)
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Description: Alex lost his family in an car accident and is now forced to live with his worthless uncle and work just to pay the bills Austin is the well known fag at his school. Know one will talk to him and he is bullied constently. They both are hiding beh...

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