A bored semi-professional cover designer here to spice up your stories with covers.

There are a few rules to this page, you credit me with a dedication and you credit the artist whose image has been uses to make your cover. If you decided to change your cover, feel free to remove my dedication but if you decided to remove the dedication while still using the cover, I will be seriously pissed.

One more thing and only for Wattpad purposes, if I think your title is stupid I will says so. There are too many stories who have titles longer than whole of the Deathly Hollows so I feel that it is an added service.

I also don't like doing fan fiction book covers especially covers with bands or celebrities, I like to encourage people to write their own stuff without starring their crush idol so unless you think your story is exception please don't ask me to do a book cover with bands in it.

If you want a cover please PM me [don't write on my wall since I tend to miss those] with your title, author's name [please make this a sensible name, if your user name has -@x etc.. make up a decent pen name], genre and any ideas you have for the cover including the mood of the cover [dark, happy, romantic]

P.S. If I am especially proud of the cover I have made you, I will upload it to my website with a link to wattpad.


Beth Syler

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