Well hey guys and chiickkas, the name is Tamika and im from the best place in the world which is NEW ZEALAND and im loving it heaps specially since we officially took out the RUGBY WORLD CUP !!!, i think, no wait i know that Kevin Locke is one of the hottest guys out :) (look him up and you'll see what im on about soooo fiiiinnneee) haha and also Richard Kahui is my other man, but i bet most people wouldnt have a clue on who they are, soo back of theyre mine lol.

Fav sports is rugby, rugby league, softball (i think the americans call that baseball) and heaps more. im also your typical NZ girl who hates the aussies in SPORTS only because somehow they manage to beat us a few times no harsh feelings towards you if you are one :)

My brain hurts at the moment since we have EXAMS kill me now, seriously to much studying for my precious brain i say, i cant take much more, teachers these days just pile on the homework

I also do write books but since im not a person who would update in time for you guys, and i wouldn't stay committed to it so pointless putting them on, but if you fan me THANKS, but well you must be crazy js.

But anyways i can finally say SORRY if you got bored reading this, but aint my fault since you were the that wanted to be NOSY :) SEEEYYYUUUURSS.
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swaggrkidd swaggrkidd Jan 24, 2011 06:44AM
@lovehymn . Oh hey no worries :) it was a good book :D
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