"Just another dark cloud waiting for her bright sun"

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|About me|

⚜ S.V.Zanolli is my pen name.

⚜ I spend most of my time writing. When I'm not writing, I play chess, make calligraphy paintings, listen to music and watch TV series

⚜ I am Bibliophile.

⚜ You can find the male lead in my stories is an Italian (most of the times) because I'm obsessed with them.

⚜Above is the pic of Chandler, if Sarcasm was religion he would be God and I would be his true devotee.

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✡ Sweek (Username: San2045)

✡ Launchora (Username: S.V.Zanolli)

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• Facebook page: The Scripturient

• Gmail: storytellerzanolli10@gmail.com

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