Hey, hope you’re doing well!! Pls update the story, it’d would be sad if you leave it unfinished. It’s good pls keep updating.


          I just wanted to ask you this.... If you're unable to complete this story... I can do it..... It's merely a request to let me complete it....because I don't think you're able to write. Just think about my offer.. And if you have this story already planned ... You can tell me... I'll do it according to you. 
          Contact me on me email


@SaraAli230 Did they ever answer you?


Seriously this book is driving me insane to the point where I can't even type a comment or vote after minutes of reading the drama in every chapter. I really really like the book and the way you write is so good. I personally beg you to update as soon as possible. And do tell me when are you going to post the next chapter.


Aww I love ya so much for updating please do it. This reader here is dying for it!!! 


Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support, I know I’m suck at updating but I’ll try my best for you, thank you ❤️❤️