John awoke with a start, the wall slowly coming into focus as his eyes adjusted to having newly been opened. As had been happening all of the past week, he had an erection, thanks to his dream. This dream was different however, as this time he dreamt of when Henry fucked him yesterday, instead of the first time. Yesterday had been substantially more pleasurable than the first time. It didn't hurt as much, he wasn't as scared as he knew what to expect, he was ravenously horny, and Henry hadn't worn a condom, so John had experienced the full bliss of skin on skin contact. He looked over his shoulder to make sure Henry was still asleep so he could masturbate, and was surprised to see him standing right next to John's bed, completely naked, and fully erect. John rolled over fully and sat up in shock, but Henry didn't move an inch. He just stood there in silence, his cock occasionally bouncing as it throbbed. The movement caught John's eyes, and he stared at it, knowing exactly how good it felt to have it inside him. He tried to look away, to not give in to Henry, but he couldn't. Henry finally spoke. "You want it don't you? You can't even take your eyes off it. Admit it and it's yours. Ask me, and I'll fuck you better than I have before. You'd be on your knees begging for it if you knew how good it'll be." He leaned forward, until he was a few inches from John's face. "But you don't get it until you ask.
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