Thing's about me
1. I'm a Bitch
2. I hate lots of people
3. I like coffee
-rough sex
-the color black
-being somones sex slave
-being tied up
-the semetary
-long walks at night
-nobody being in my business
4. I'm bisexual
5. In love with Korea
6. BTS
7. Don't fuck with me
8. If u have a problem suck my strap on
9. Oh i forgot I'm a female
10. Miss my baby
11. Aquarius
12. Chelsea is my best friend
13. I live for no purpose
14. I'm a hoe
15. I'm fucking weird
16. Always pushed around in school
17. My legs are always open for anyone ( if i don't hate u )
18. Yaio
19. Yuri on ice
20. If i say i love u (I'm lieing)
21. Taehyung is daddy #1
22. Jhope is daddy #2
23. Never trust me at all
24. If u love me give up cause I'll never love u back
25. I love messing with people
26. I love to spammmmmm
27. If u are left on open i never wanna talk to u again kk
28. I don't belevie in anything
29. Everyone hates me (yayyyyy)
30. Delete me from ur life cause I'll be sure to delete u .
I don't know what love is so fuck that bitches😂

That's who i am yay
Byeeeeeeeeeee. Bitchesssssssssssss.
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