I love to write, draw, read,  listen to music...
Anime and Manga (Co-Treasurer of the Anime-Club in our school)
My friend is getting me into cosplaying, and I love it so much (I do Liechtenstein-Hetalia, Misa-Deathnote, and in the process of making the girl from Draw With Me)
I speak some German...(Ich liebe dich! (I love you!)) (Mostly I know how to say, well, dirty things)
I have a deviantART ( http://mewmewpikachu.deviantart.com/ )
I have/will have some picture of or from my stories here, if you are interested.
What I write is girls with issues self image or inner deep damaged problems caused from how our society treats how people are different....
Its kinda for others to understand how it is to be in that position.....
Sometimes its just to release some of the rage society creates but then that leads back into the issues
And sometimes its just blood splattering insanity
I'm just going through a bad break-up again, its going to get kinda dark here
But is that not the best time to write?
I do hope you enjoy what I write
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supervampireninja supervampireninja 4 years ago
@itsnotcatsfault13 I haven't been able to read anything lately :(
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Description: This was written in United States History, created by boredom and depression. It could use work but it a look on how our high school society is.

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