Once he was Clark Kent, now he is Kal-El. Once he was a symbol of hope, now he is a symbol of failure.

[ Here's a basic rundown of Kingdom Come, and obviously, there are spoilers -- but I can't recommend Kingdom Come enough, it's probably my favorite comic story of all time ]

Years ago the Man of Steel suffered a great tragedy when the Daily Planet was attacked by the Joker, leading to the deaths of many of his loved ones, including his wife, Lois Lane. After that failure he retired and isolated himself in his Fortress of Solitude, and that event led to a new, more brutal generation of heroes taking over. Magog was considered the next Superman, though that all changed when he destroyed Kansas and other parts of the Midwest, which led to Superman returning and having to face what he thought was his greatest failure. Superman reformed the Justice League with many of the original members and went on a quest to reform the next generation of heroes and the ones he couldn't he would put in a prison called the Gulag located in the ruins of Kansas. A group opposing the superhumans also formed, led by Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne. Eventually Bruce Wayne broke away from Luthor's team and formed his own team. Lex's team and the Justice League had a massive fight at the Gulag which pulled Bruce Wayne and his team into it, along with the UN who sent missiles to kill everyone involved in the fight. The missiles ended up killing many of the heroes and villains involved in the fight and it led to Superman making another Justice League and trying to make peace with the rest of the world and set things right.

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