What's up, my name is Sam and I pretty much write down whatever comes to mind, without thinking about it before hand

If you mess with me, you get beat. If you mess with my friends or family..... Well then, the police will finally have something interesting to do

If I had to describe myself this would be me; that one person in your squad that will pay for all you guys drinks and then bring you home when your too drunk to drive, and not complain about it in the morning

I like; anime, manga, cartoons, reading, sleeping, drawing, and almost every food ever

For some reason people call me the most mature, cause in class when someone would joke about sex, or gender I'd just be like 😐
But when it comes to movies like the notebook or the ring, I will laugh my ass off
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ranting and other random crap by supersaiyansam
ranting and other random crap Random
so life sucks and everyone has something to complain about ESPECIALLY me so I thought hey why not write down what is wrong in the world
My opinion on ships by supersaiyansam
My opinion on ships Random
Now I know your probably thinking "everyone has done this, this is no different then the millions of other ones out there" shut up if your thinking that When dealing with a subject, you want to look at al...
Drawings and Pictures by supersaiyansam
Drawings and Pictures Random
(Requests are open!)yeah so someone told me that I sucked at drawing one time...... I punched them in the face, I guess this is like that punch to the face, but in art form
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