sunder-soul on tumblr. Best known for my top tier simping and writing Tom Riddle as a touch-starved narcissist ❤️
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Stories by sunny
The Last of Your Rules ★ T.M.R/Reader ★ by sunder-soul
The Last of Your Rules ★ T.M.R/Rea...
Reader figures out a set of rules to survive navigating their FWB relationship with Tom Riddle, which goes gr...
white dove ★ T.M.R/Reader ★ by sunder-soul
white dove ★ T.M.R/Reader ★
"If this is a game, then you're playing too," he says softly, stepping closer, "and if you're...
Mimicry ★ T.M.R/Reader ★ by sunder-soul
Mimicry ★ T.M.R/Reader ★
"You're going to destroy me," he breathes, and his hand is at your throat, feather-light unlike the...