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So I just love to write especially love stories, I'm a total romantic and that often translates to my stories! Hope you guys enjoy my stories, PM me or whatever if you have questions or want to talk!
(  ¯`v´¯ ) Love love my fans so much! Thank you for all of your sweet comments
  `·.¸.·´  votes, and overall support of my stories! It means so much to me!
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You guys are the sweetest

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Life is Beautiful

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Description: Songfic Challenge! One night, one mistake. They were too young and unprepared. But the consequences of that night were beyond anything they imagined. Two hearts broke beyond repair as result of that night and the events to come. Sam was lost...


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Serendipitous: Louis' Story

Serendipitous: Louis' Story

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It all started when Melina lost her cell phone on the subway and of all people, Louis Tomlinson picked i...

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Imperfect (Novella)

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Serendipitous: Niall's Story

Serendipitous: Niall's Story

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Brides and Prejudice

Brides and Prejudice

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Elisabeth was coming home for her sister's wedding to be the Maid of Honor. If she would've known what...

Hey! i LOVE brides and prejudice...but its been so long since you updated :(....i really want to read the part where eill and chase come back! pleeease update?!?...i hope you don't discontinue it 
hey i was just wondering in which order the serendipitous are written? it's sad but I couldn't seem to figure it out. if you could just explain for my blondeness that'd be awesome.