•Hey people x
•I'm from London
•Yes I love tea and crumpets
•No I haven't met the Queen
•I do karate
•I love traveling
•I'm a potterhead
•I'm in gryffindor
•I play netball
•I play hockey
•I'm a middle child...it sucks balls
•I'm a big time procrastinator
•I love sleep (who doesn't though)
•If I could marry food I would
•I'm an m&m addict
•Reese's pieces are the second best thing to ever happen to this earth. I'm the first.... 😏
•Pizza is Life
•So is Tim Hortons 🤤
•My favourite cake is cheesecake don't even try and argue with me I will fight you 😑😂
•My Star sign is a Taurus
•My favourite colour is navy blue
•The only daily routine that I have managed to keep without fail is i go to sleep late and wake up telling myself I will never stay up late again.....🤦
•My favourite quotes include:
~"Stars can't shine without darkness"
~"It matters not what we are born but what we grow to be"
~"Throw me to the wolves, and I return leading the pack"
•When I'm bored I look in the fridge find nothing then 5 minutes later I do the exact same thing...LIKE GURL NOTHING CHANGED IN THE SPACE OF 5 MINUTES GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER🤦

So there's some random facts about little ol'meXx
And if your still reading this long, boring ass shit....congrats here's a gold star for your dedication🌟
  • fridge.......😏
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