Strengthen_me currently lives in Utah, where she enjoys reading, writing, paint-by-numbers, and Pinterest. She has no interest in becoming a professional writer for fear that her favorite hobby will turn into work.

As of August 28, 2013: I will be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Philippines for the next 18 months. I will not be on Wattpad at all during this time. Thank you for all the support for my work!

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The Six Swans - A Fairy Tale Retold
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-Completed as of October 2012

The Stark Truth
-My first novel - practically unedited
-Completed as of September 2012

-In Progress - 50,000 words written so far and 20,000 (speculated) left
-Completed as of August 2013
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The Six Swans - A Fairy Tale Retold

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Description: Princess Sydnee of Adalaide is silent. Not because of her own choice, but because she’s got six older brothers who want run the show and a father who’s busy being King and grieving over his late wife, Sydnee’s mother. When the King gets lost in th...

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Stark Truth

Stark Truth

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Aubrey Harward was sixteen when she found out the truth about her past. Her mother had died in child bi...

Hey guys! Remember when I said I was deleting my Wattpad come June? Well... July is almost over and I'm still here  just wanted to let you know that The Six Swans hit 170k! Welcome to all my new readers!
      No promises as to how long I'll still be here but I just can't seem to let Wattpad go so I'm hanging around for a little longer  have a great week!
      - strengthen_me ❤️
It's a shame you're leaving this site. Your version of The Six Swans was FANTASTIC. You are a really skilled writer -  The Characters were great, the story was riveting, and you're great at eliciting a strong emotional reaction from readers such as myself. I loved your work - don't give up writing!
It's really sad to hear that your leaving. I love your version of the Six Swans. I've always wanted to do a version of the tale myself, but yours is the best I've read to date!
      I understand why you want to delete your works, but is there some way I could preserve a private copy of this work past June 1, because I love it!
Dear Wonderful Followers,
      Well hello there! It has been a LONG time since you've gotten a message from me. And if some of you've forgotten who I am, I'm the author of THE SIX SWANS. I just got back from an 18 month hiatus while living in the Philippines. 
      Thank you for all of the support for my work and especially for The Six Swans. It has been awesome to be a part of Wattpad for the past few years. I truly have enjoyed my experience as reader and writer. But my time on here has ended - for various reasons I have decided to delete my account and remove my works from the website. 
      If you would still like to read The Six Swans, or my other two works, Psyche and The Stark Truth, they will remain online until June 1.
      Thanks again for all your support! Leave a comment or send me a message - I'd love to hear from you.
gemmah97 posted a message to strengthen_me
I really enjoyed your book the six swans, it was my all time favourite fairy tale anyway but I liked the twist you did on the story. just one question though. surely Logan would have had some kind of reaction that she was a princess, especially when she reacted the way she did when she found out about him being a prince? thanks for writing the book!!