Hello! My name is Yazzy 

I didnt start writing stories till June 2012. I somewhow found interest in it and it opened up my imagination.

Oh and catch me on YouTube. Probably you guys can help me become better :)


I am a huge fan of K-pop and a bit of J-Dramas

I love to do various things (draw, bake, etc)

Cats are the thang yo!

I am so asian i love noodles <3 (even thou im brown)

Im more of a romance fan than any other but i like other genres as well

I can be a fast typer but make many spelling mistakes

You guys must read @MizzWingzxs181 and @Fallen_Angel138 stories
they are so good!

I am a fun, outgoing person that is trying to get her imagination back

I love Asian stuff ^.^ (BUBBLE TEA!)

Vote and Fan plz :D

(. _. )
(>#<) < so i got u this waffle

(^ . ^)
( > >) < so i ate the waffle

(- . -)
(U U) < but i felt guilty

( ^.^ )
(>o<) < then i got u a cookie

(* . *)
(>o<) < but it looked good too

(>o<) < u wont mind...

(^ . ^)
(U U) < so i ate it ;)
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      No problem chingu ^_^ ~
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