I don't trust people who hate KitKats. And I hate people who unfollow after following. People like them can fuck off. Thank you.

|| Self-Proclaimed hot creature, although I'm preferably chubby || unhealthily addicted to KitKats || Scorpio (yeah, I'm dangerous) || Swiftie combined Sheerio || foodie || 15-year old dumbass || Maths and Lit || awkweird (awkward + weird, cause I'm cool like that) || addicted to romance and cheesy love shit ||

»I'm not the best girl out there, but I like to think I am, because I can be really sweet when you are sweet to me. I'm a murderous introvert, and nicknamed butterfly by my best friend. Rey is NOT my name, but it's a part of my real name.

»My favourite movies:
•Me before you
•A walk to remember
•The last song
•Love, Rosie
•The kissing booth

»My wattpad #otp
1) Flora & Sean (KITEP)
2) Lillian and Rikkard (S&S)

»I use "holy fuck" and "holy shit" a LOT.

»I'm Asian :) More specifically I'm Indian. I'm not exactly fluent in English, but I try to learn. I love learning (Only if you teach me nicely)

I'm 5 foot, and you might be 6 foot, but I can kick you in the groin more easily.


I'm a proud temperamental bitch who never ceases to be a cutie-patootie whenever she feels like it. Judging from my bio, you can easily discern the fact that I'm an unmanageable pumpkin who truly lights up the area around you. But, I'm also a loner most of the times, so I never really get the chance to make anyone laugh. If you feel like you want to see my abilities to be a good chatter, DM me and I'll be sure to reply. :)

So, that's me. :) If you wanna talk, I'll be here.

PS: the bio is misleading. I'm not as cool as I have written I am. :P
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