I love stephen king, I am also a ladies man i make a few mistakes but in the end its all good for me. Also i have a very loving a supporting family who will help me with anything in life that i would really like to do. I play for the calgary cowboys football team and am number 22

Stephen king is my biggest inspiration he has helped through all of my sad moments. Some books il be writing is based on the idea from it but dont worry its going to be fresh ideas forever i love my fan (even though i have zero so far) for helping me discover my true paths so tell me what I need to work on and it will be done
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stephenkingjr stephenkingjr Sep 03, 2012 06:23PM
Hello everybody today I will be startimg the second book in the zombie slayin series
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The story Short Short story collection

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Description: Book about a devious clown who's up to bad things

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Justin Bieber : Zombie Slayer Book 1 Life or Death

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