HEY!!!,, cute nerds???hahaha 0_0

Its Stefhel May(15).....(blah...).i registered here in wattpad becooozzz........

i dont know i came here (REALLY??KIDDING) I really like to imagine and create a story.

I'm actually not good in writing-ting but i sometimes love it...STRANGE right??yeahh2x...im a first year college student (fresh student)..and im also everybody"(Singer,Dancer,daughter,sister......*huh??*....... cos-player,an author???yeahh and also a person)....pardon my weirdness,i am born with it :*

********Please support me no matter what..., if the world ends...ahahah..NO...just read my story******

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Fairytale Fake Stories Like Mine

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Description: "Once upon a time there lives a beautiful princess in the beautiful kingdom far far away.She lives with his most handsome prince ever.And they live happily ever after.The End." So that was in the mo...


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My Painted Boyfriend

My Painted Boyfriend

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This is a story of my lover that comes from a canvass that i painted.I initially treats him as mentally...

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