Yes, that's me in the picture & yes, I probably need a haircut.
I think I'll always be a book nerd and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with The Kings of Leon.
I have too many tattoos that I'll probably regret when I'm old and grey!
I'm a sucker for a good romance.

I write mainly for fun or to vent, but I love editing too. If you have a story you'd like me to edit, just send me a message. I'll warn you now though, I'm a little bit of a grammar freak.
If you like my editing skills you can always become a fan ;) Or read my stories... or both!
I have more time in my schedule lately to edit then I do to write my own stories, it's a shame but I'm SUPER busy.
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starsandsky_26 starsandsky_26 Aug 09, 2013 03:46AM
@gottaloveme23 Nope sorry, there's been some confusion, it's not me
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Within The Evergreen

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Description: Isabelle has always wanted to be human; to live a normal life instead of moving from town to town, her secrets forever haunting her. When her and her 'family' move to a yet another small town, Isabelle hopes t...


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Changing Places

Changing Places

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The foster system first split Brielle and Jessica up when they were eleven. Now seventeen and fresh out...

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