'Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words break my hearts. I'm not as strong as you think I am. I'm no Superman.'- IM5's "Superman"
'When you dance, when you smile, when you laugh, I love everything about you.'- IM5's "Everything About U"
'Give me the green light. Baby, on your mark, set GO!"- IM5's "Go"
'Think I can't feel pain but I fell hard for you.'- IM5's "Superman"
'I'll take you girl, just anywhere you want to be, your every desire. I'll change your world from agony to ecstasy. Go higher and higher with me. ' IM5's"Me and this Girl"
'Now, lemme just say this. Forget your past; imma be your future. So give just one kiss. Higher and higher.' IM5's Me and this Girl"

Hi! :D
My name is Danielle and I like warm hugs.

♥PART 1; Books
✍The Selection series
✍Lorien Legacies
✍The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy
✍Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
✍Evermore series
✍Twilight Saga
✍Matched Trilogy
✍Dork Diaries
♥PART 2; Music
♫Go by IM5
♫Me and this Girl by IM5
♫Can't Stay Away by IM5 ft. Bella Thorne
♫Touchdown Dance by IM5
♫Heartless by IM5
♫Superman by IM5
♫Everything About U by IM5
♫Zero Gravity by IM5
♫Get to Know You by IM5
♫I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
♥PART 3; TV Shows and Movies
☺Winx Club
☺The Little Mermaid

☻My OTP is Hanon and Nagisa (Mermaid Melody). #harthart

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Winx Club 2nd Generation (Book 1)

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Description: Remember the Winx? The six superheroes who has risked their lives more than once to save the whole world. With evil finally disposed of, the Winx experience their last adventure, getting married and having a f...


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Story Reading List

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