Hey everyone =)
I am Onika J. from New York. I joined this site years ago to share my writings (thanks to Yana, for recommending this site). I have come across some really good stories on here as well which you will find on my reading shelves/lists.

I'm sorry in advance for not responding to messages. If that happens, it's because I am busy, and have not checked the inbox. However, I do read the feedback you leave me. I am thankful for that because it really encourages me to write more. <3

Disclaimer: I don't follow or read based on follow counts. I am a very picky reader, so the books or stories that I recommend or list as my favorites are genuine.

Hobbies: I enjoy cycling (bought one recently for 40 bucks : D ), reading, dreaming of Zawji to come into existence, lol, jk

Inspirations: Navy Seals, Pottery, Certain Voices/Accents, Bangladesh, Climbing, Rain, Cool Breeze, Night Drives, Recording view while driving, etc.

One advice for us all: Learn to be vulnerable, learn to listen to your heart/emotion, and learn communication/feedback skills through practice.

Birthday: September 20th, 1997
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star_hugs star_hugs Jul 21, 2017 10:53AM
Good morning,If you read You Have My Hand, please comment below the problems you had with the story or character. It would be very helpful when re-editing the book.1 problem I recall is Yahya marry...
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