Assalamu Alaikum,

I am Onika, 19 years old.
Currently, I am in New York but native is Bengali <3

My favorite color includes yellow, white, blue and sometimes U.S forest or emerald green.

Things I love :
1. Early morning drives (but can't drive yet though; so cool with passenger seat)
2. Cycling (probably my fav hobby but have not been doing it since the past few years.)
3. Babies (I love them, seriously, especially after reading about how to raise kids and whatnot :D LOL; however, I can only carry them for about 10 minutes.) I have the bad habit of carrying them when they are asleep.
4. Pani puri and lassi (eh kinda typical deshi girl in this regard)
5. Lip colors (Seriously once I start, I can't stop. I don't put makeup unless it's wedding or other ceremonies, but lip coloring is kind of catchy.)
6. Lois Duncan (My fav author. RIP)
7. Mustard flowers; omg the scent is just <33 The mustard field or something?
8. Gardenias; my fav flower.
9. Rain. On my birthday it usually rains. I used to hate it but then I came to realize it's a blessing. When you pray in rain it's guaranteed to get accepted by Allah.

One thing I dislike is watching movie as a group; I get irritated easily; for example if someone is breathing heavily while the movie is on, it bothers me; or if they are eating and making noise or if they are moving too much.

Things I want to try someday:
1. Camel's milk. I think it's got benefits.
2. Zamzam water
3. Travel to some places like : Canada, London, Dubai, Morocco, Switzerland, Italy.
4. Go on a date: Lol :D I seriously wanna go on a date. After nikah. Patiently waiting.
5. Swimming
6. Motorcycling
7. salsa dancing =p

Weird fantasy:
1. Husband saving me when I fall in the water, 'cause I can't swim.
2. Meeting him in Dubai
3. Hopeful expectation of marriage that Zawji will be carrying me around bridal style; esp when I can't wake up in the morning^_^
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