Hey! This isn't my only account, so if you like me, you should go fan this account @WeAreKASH Oh, and that is me in the profile picture :)

Also, please don't ask me to read your stories. With the amount of those I get, it would be impossible. Sorry.

Facts About Me:
- I sing a lot. I may or may not be good at it.
- I love to read! Real books included. Me and wattpad books have a love hate relationship.
- I like writing with pen and paper. I hate typing up a story though.
- Team iPhone!
- I really like music, and I have a new favorite song every week, or less.
- I don't personally think I'm weird, but people tell me I am so...
- I hate the act of watching TV, so I watch it on the computer or Netflix
- I have glasses that I occasionally wear
- I'm not a boy.
- I'm African, but born and raised in America
- I can't read wattpad stories that are more than 35 parts.
- God is good :)
- I love tumblr.
- I seriously love Harry Styles. But I love them all, actually
- I have no idea what 'sprittals' means. And I don't know where it came from.
- I admire Demi Lovato because she's one of the only people who broke away from Disney
- I will forever love Logan Lerman
- I still love that song "Year 3000"


-I Am Reese [COMPLETE]
-An Artistic Duo[SPIN-OFF] [COMPLETE]

-Behind the Crazy [COMPLETE]
-His Perspective [COMPLETE]
-The Shy Dancer [UPCOMING]
-Bad Habits [UPCOMING]

The Kiss Project [UPCOMING]
The Smile Project [UPCOMING]

More Upcoming Stories:
-What She Remembered
-Burning Amber
-Caught Up
-Shut Up and Lie
-Getting Away With It
-The Embarrassments
-Truth Be Told
-Stuck With Cindy

Twitter: @_thatsodd
Tumblr: http://an-odd-upgrade.tumblr.com/
Ask Me! http://ask.fm/sprittals98

Well that's all folks!

!Peace Out!
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Reality Babes

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Description: Stars Unedited is the show that everyone is talking about, especially now that they're letting two non-celebrities, or Norm's, join the cast for the new season. Avery Fisher did not want to be one of those Norm's, she just wanted to sit back and enj...


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An Artistic Duo

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I Am Reese, made me want to start my own vlog like it was that good! I'm excited to read your other works now and I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for being a wonderful author, thank you.
Melodiemea posted a message to sprittals98
Please update reality babes soon i am obsessed with the book and cant wait any longer as it has been 4 months since the last update!!! Hopefully you wont see this as a rude or mean comment, i only want to know when the chapter is up or if you are carrying it on as i want to know what happens next.