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Spectral Capital focuses on acquiring and development as well as financing technology that has a great potential for being transformative in their business sector. They look for technology that they are able to protect with patents and litigation. Spectral Capital's ambition is to own wholly or in part companies that have great growth potential. Accordingly, Spectral Capital has bought large stakes in three technology companies - Noot, Kontexto and Monitr. Spectral Capital is working to push these companies to have a higher profile in their sectors and take advantage of their management experience as well as their professional networks.

Companies in the tech sector tend to focus on differing areas of competencies. Some work aggressively to build up a portfolio of intellectual property. This property is then licensed off to other companies. Also these companies vigorously to defend their property in the courts. Other companies focus on developing technology that is attractive to other companies who will purchase the technology at a profit for them. And still others focus on developing software and tech tools that is super attractive to the everyday consumer who can then be targeted with advertising. For now, Spectral Capital is focusing on companies that produce tech that gives businesses and consumers direct valuable benefits.

Although the technology that Spectral Capital buys a stake in is valuable, it still has to do specialized work to lower the risk that that technology is exposed to while it is being commercialized.

Spectral Capital has a lot of management expertise, has built up a lot of knowledge in the search and media analytics fields, is good at positioning products and companies in attractive positions, can identify and close on good transactions as well as able to invest in technology.
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