Hi there ❤️ thank you all for the birthday wishes and for making the day so special for me. I can’t stress enough how honored I am to be able to have your support and love in whatever way you bring it. You’re so special to me and I am trying not to keyboard smash my excitement
          	New chapter of BTS: The Sea and Her Serpents coming soon! Nefarious pirate lords and ladies, swashbuckling adventure and enemies that want to point knives at each other as much as they may wanna kiss??? Keep an eye out!
          	With love,


@sparklingjin ❤️


lots of love❤


How are you doing Milan? I actually miss you haha. Hope you stay safe and warm ☺️❣️


Milan, i really don't know how to say this....
          I love you(◠‿・)—☆❤️


Can i ask what happend to the book his wedding planer ? Please tell me you will bring that back please i was looking days for you i thought i lost the story or whatever i hope you are the one who wrote that :(


wait have you ever had written this book called his wedding planner or smthg? I think I had it in my library but I can't see it anym?


@meloniemin ohh I wanted to read it tho :( but thanks for letting me know ^^


@meloniemin yes she did actually. I also had it in my sec accs library and cant see it anymore, Milan possibly unpublished or Wattpad did something to it, not sure :/