Really like your book you should check out my story sometime. 


Don't read this is only a preview. You have to pay to read the whole book.  Just another wattpad and writer trying to trick you out of your money. Had potential but this guy thinks hes some big named writer sucking you in then want to be paid to get the rest of a book. This sight is a pay to read. Sad money hungry nobody thinks his first book should be bought. Lol you are sad and disgusting piece. 


i loved this book I wish I could read more of your work, but my funds are so low right now lol...but keep up the good work.


Awesome bio, I love it.
          Just wanted to say hello from one science fiction writer to another. And here is my own quote. 
          We were born a starfaring race, can't you feel it in your bones when you look at the night sky? @chrisbieniek7


Ur published and u don't have many followers? That's unusual...


Tried to find out system on iBooks. It's only in audiobook form. Bummed out cause I really wanted to read it. You teased me right out of my socks... that's the problem with this application I guess. Thanks for writing space fiction, was an alien in a former life I guess


LOL, I like his style


@Aspiredforever I know, right? Considering to buy the books.