Hey everyone it would be great if you could check out my Diabolik lovers fanfiction please feel free to comment with constructive criticism votes are also most appreciated and if anyone is interested in doing a cover for it feel free to 


@soulkid7 I'd be more than happy to make you a cover if you want! Pm me the details if you would like me to make you one and I'll do my best 


Hi soulkid7! I was just asking if you could follow my account coz I wanna reach 50 followers? And I recommend you to read my story, Choices. It's about Harry Potter. Fellow potterhead here, btw. :)


Hey so first of all thanks for the follow back and second of all I read your lists for things and I think we can be good friends. So if you like Harry Potter you should read my x story. My just starting it and I would love if you could help my commenting suggestions or message me. Thanks broski ✌️