Hi am Sophia
Am practically a loner, I don't like staying around people for a long time.
Am done with high school....thank God for that....
I have two little brothers and a sis.
I try hard not to procrastinate although I don't think it is working for me.
I love to read so much that if I run out of novels to read I pick up my textbooks.
I really don't like school but its one of those compulsory things in life. Well except someone gives me a million dollars...but since thats not going to happen......
I love my life spicy. Experiencing and trying to learn a little bit of everything, my mum said that I was confused...Pulease....

The only people's opinion that matter to me are my parents, I really don't care about anyone else opinion.
The only people that are allowed to give me headaches are my parents, I would tell anyone else to stuff it.
I Am NOT a writer, never tried it never will.
I hate chocolates and I love milk and vanilla, which is actually scary cause facts are chocolates releases the same hormone in your body as love....whats that supposed to mean?.....
I love big strong men and food obviously.
Am a sucker for gadgets, cars and shoes.
well that's all about me.
boi bye xxx
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