«הכל נראה יפה בעברית»

Hi. My name is Sophie,
and my priorities are as follow:
1. writing
2. israel
3. fashion
4. cher horowitz
5. grammar

writing philosophie:
you have to know the rules
before you can break them

❝What you must understand
about me is that I’m a deeply
unhappy person.❞
-Alaska Young

tumblr: http://i-mnotthatgirl.tumblr.com/
ask.fm: http://ask.fm/sophsunflower12
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    the troublesome thoughts of my imagination (but i wish i were in the homeland)
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    4 years ago

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Losing It

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Description: With blonde hair, blue eyes, and a great boyfriend, Cameron West made the perfect It Girl. But when someone anonymously begins to blackmail her with pink sticky notes, Cam faces a difficult decision between losing her "It" factor or allowing her sen...

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_ladymarmalade posted a message to sophieanna
Hey I just want to remind you how much I really love your writing! I hope you're still going girl because you have  hella talent. I'm obsessed with Species of Summer because you kinda touched my heart right there. Anyway I'm sure your life is super interested but I'd love to hear from you.