The most important choice you can make every morning is to wake up with the right attitude.
What I learned through life is that nothing can stop the person with the right attitude from achieving their most cherished goals.
To begin with, I want to thank 🤲 Allah (SWT) for making me ;
★who I am today
★a striving hijabi 🧕, muslimah and 'aabidah
★a person who strives for knowledge 📜🧐 and hikmah
★an introvert
★an afro arabian
★a big sister to three cute and adorable 😍younger sisters
★a best friend 👭 to a very special and ❤️ly person @princessayeesh
★a very huge fan of Maher Zain's
★a person whose role models are the Sahabis of the prophet (SAW):
*Khawlah bint Alawzar
*Safiyyah bint AbdelMutallib
★a person who loves making new friends , meeting 🤝 new people and learning new cultures
★a caring, kind and generous person
★a person who loves staying indoors 🏘️
★a person who tries to be a 🌈🥀🦋 in someone else's clouds ☁️
★a person who loves reading and writing
★a person who has been dreaming to visit the holiest 🕋🤲🕌 places on earth (the house of the Almighty (SWT) ,the ka'bah once again
★a person who lives for Allah (SWT) by yearning on the right path 🛣️
★a pet lover (mostly kittens 🐱)
★a person with great dreams and hopes to become a/an:
*Islamic scholar 👩‍🎓
*a gynaecologist

Words of advice 💬
★Don't sell the life of this world 🌍 for the next
★Never hate jealous people 🙎 They are jealous because they think you are better than them
★Try to make at least three people smile ☺️ a day
★Never explain yourself to anyone because the person who likes you doesn't need it and the person who doesn't like you won't believe it.
★''to the world 🌍 you are one person but to one person you are the world 🌍'' Albert Einstein.

May Allah Grant the highest level of jannah to those reading this and the general Ummah

May Allah guide us all aright. Aamin 🤲
For more motivational quotes , dm me 🤙

Till we meet 🤝 in jannah In Shaa Allah...
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