hello friends!!! as you can see, i changed my username ajjajs i was @/feleaks before 


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hello !!
          feel free to read my han jisung fanfiction entitled “free trial“
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this message may be offensive
i unpublished all my works since some of yall are actually forgetting that i have a life outside. i can't edit all the errors since i'm busy, i accept criticisms but some of you are actually just commenting to correct all my mistakes (sorry for that, thank you pointing it out but everything is just shit to me rn) i read all comments, i kept my mouth shut this whole time. english is not my first language. sorry if i'm being "unprofessional" but i think this is just too much (or am i just getting overly sensitive? haha) anyways, i will reflect for awhile and rest assured that i'll come back with a more improved writing but for now, i'm too busy being a student. 


@feleaks aww, I can't wait for new writing! I really hope to see new works later. You're very talented, don't waste time on reading every hate comment. I hope you feel better and continue doing what you like! Hope you have more time later so that you can do what you want. <3


I understand how you feel but don't forget that there are still people that appreciate ur hard work. Your book, "cry", is really my favourite and I came today to re-read it once again and when I saw no chapter I felt so angry at the people that couldn't see beyond those mistakes, the true story of this book, the idea that you probably thought about so much time.
            I hope the best for u!!


proud of you for withstanding for so long ♡


hey :) i know you're on a hiatus, but i hope whatevers going in gets better :)) hope to see you back soon


Hey :)) I just wanted to say that I really love your story "Cry", I'm not even kidding I legit almost cried while reading the chapter where Hyunjin told his story to Minseo aND I WAS AT SCHOOL LIKE IT WAS SO HARD FOR ME NOT TO CRY!! basically what I'm trying to say is the way you write is so full with powerful emotions and I love your story "Cry"