Sandra: HI!!!!
Sandra: We'll to start off. I'm Sandra. I love everyone! I'm new to this wattpad experience, so be nice. I L.O.V.E TWILIGHT. I L.O.V.E BLEACH. I L.O.V.E ANIMALS and cute things. I'd love to read your work and comment. As long as you read mine too. My writing sucks but that's why Moria`s here.
Moira: I'm...never mind. This is a joint account that features both our work. We're gonna start uploading soon.
Sandra:Tell them about yourself. She's so shy ^_^
Moira: (stop embarrassing me) I'm her friend, obviously. Since childhood. I dunno what to say really.
Sandra:She's a libra. She's an artist. She likes manga and animals. She's so cute. She also likes star trek. We both like harry potter. She's a Muslim and I'm Catholic. Weird right? She has a fat cat called Sammie the Great. I'm allergic to cats but I still love them to death. I'm a gemini. I like babies. I baby-sit for her cousin Salma,she has a cat too. I love chocolate. Moira doesn't like sweets especially chocolate :p
Moira: ....................please vote for our work, if you like it. We also accept constructive criticism.

Sandra: Also if we fanned you, you're welcome and yes, we'd love to chat.
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Damn. I'm getting Snape feels. I don't hate Sirius or James but I feel like if they were not good looking or if Snape was good looking, the fandom would hate them (or make shippy fics) whatever works. Snape's life sucked down to the last second.
      I kinda want you to write some more about this. Scratch that, I do want you to write more