I would like to thank every single fan that has supported me through everything, the ups and downs, and the constant periods of nothing, of no posts or memos. Thank you. Your support means more than anything in the world I have ever experienced. It means the world and then more. Thank you.

My fans are the most precious thing in the world. :D
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soccergirl123 soccergirl123 Jul 21, 2016 02:34AM
Okay, hey followers, so I don't know how you guys haven't all gone up in arms with pitchforks and craftily worded phrases and condemn me yet for not updating in like forever. To everyone you has stay...
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Description: The Den is in mourning and itching for revenge. The word on street is Peter has a new friend and they are plotting. It looks like Chaos might be down for the count. But that doesn't mean their isn't havoc to c...


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The Agents. A secret society that kidnapps, tortures, and experiments on shifters. The Shifters. Tryi...

#214 in Action
Deleted Scenes from Chaos

Deleted Scenes from Chaos

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Well the title explains everything! I had to delete some scenes due to them dragging, not containing any...

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