um.. hi, I'm an idiot who's been turned into a duck on more than one occasion, my nickname for some reason is Soap, which is a lot better than other names like Phiosa (don't ask), I have a very rough past involving tonnes of spaghetti and meatballs. I say the most random things like: 'Shut up, you orange, hexagonal piece of liver' and 'Just because my hair is fluffier than yours, doesn't mean I'll let you touch it' among other things. I'm a demigod, son of Hermes, legacy of Poseidon, a Spider-Fan, who tends to use the word 'pleb' too much. uh.. what else.... I am the world's second biggest nerd (biggest nerd goes to my good pal Mog) and my goodbyes consist of many fnargh's.

Also I have an amazing friend who I love very much who is such a twink wow so pretty I luv haha I bet they won't even read this anyway ahha yeah bye
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Story by A literal bar of soap
Ned Meets The Avengers by soapysoapp
Ned Meets The Avengers
Ok so little warning here, I wrote this on a whim in @DabbingApple 's story, A Spider's Family, I suggest you...
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