Name's Sarah
21; Leo ♌
Kpop, Hollywood Undead, Volumes
Pizza and Wings
South Korea and extremely broken Korean
Extremely depressing but also very cheerful? lmaooo
안녕 친구 ♡
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smmootoo18 smmootoo18 Feb 02, 2014 02:07PM
@JacceB hey! Well it's an awesome book tht I will never put in archive cuz I keep readin it over and over jaja you're welcome btw :)
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Description: Just something i wrote when i was superrr depresso earlier this semester. I never finished it but i lost my train of thought of where i was going with yeah. Lmao

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Sarajiryeo Hajima

Sarajiryeo Hajima

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Just a little paragraph i wrote 2 months ago when i was too depressed to function....

Gotta be you

Gotta be you

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wrote this poem while listening to gotta be you by 2NE1 while watching the back of my crush fade as he w...

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soc essay plan 1

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soc essay plan 2

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Story Reading List

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