I'm nineteen. Currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at University. I have a published book called Artificial Light written by me and my classmates.
I am an avid reader. I like food. I love photography more than anything. I am passionate about Japanese culture. I read a lot of manga and watch more Anime than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And I LOVE that TV show.
The Cursed which is the book I've uploaded, was originally set for publication, but I turned the offer down because I wanted to see if people actually would read it and enjoy it. So here it is.
Share it, and tell me what you think because it actually helps!

So anyway, that's enough about me.
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smilyangel smilyangel Jul 17, 2016 06:44PM
New Chapter on The Brothers Steele =)
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The Cursed

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Description: Some secrets thirst to be found and often these secrets reside with the dead... After the death of her parents, Amy Paris has stumbled on a secret which has left her in a great deal of trouble. With magic br...


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