Umm...Where do I begin? Well here goes nothing.
I'm a seveteen year old British Indian.

I have a published book called Artificial Light, a collection of short stories and poems written by me and my three fellow Literature class mates. Check it out.

I have a passion for writing, drawing, painting. My brain mainly functions on the right side, thank god. I detest Maths. I'm just glad that I have passed it and don't have to stare at an exam paper telling me to find out the value of 'X' on a triangle. Like everyone knows it means kisses...I'm kidding.
I am an animal lover, sport fanatic and I pretty much love food. I am a photographer and take loads of great pictures, like the current background image. I also have a healthy interest in films. I say 'healthy' but others would disagree for instance my family.

I'm reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Macbeth - Shakespeare, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and A Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Also Bloody Chamber and a few other awesome pieces of Literature

I am a sucker for good books and good psychopaths, like The Joker, and Jim Moriarty and Loki!

It was nice to meet you! Leave a comment if you can be bothered or follow me or read my novel Blood Brothers - hopefully I won't abandon it.

LATERS!!! *Exits room with hand in the air*
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smilyangel smilyangel 10 months ago
So I've updated Blood Brothers. Let me know what you guys think. Yes YOU! I'm talking to you. Thanks! smilyangel
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