To say I like music would be an understatment considering im pretty much OBSESSED with my alternive/punk crack. Take away Short Stack/Green Day/The Living End/Panic! At the Disco/Paris Wells/Good Charlotte/My Chemical Romace/Plain White Ts/ Never Shout Never/Mayday Parade/Bowling for Soup/ Amy Meredith and you will die a very slow and painful death. 

Books would obviously be another unhealthy obsesion of mine for I am horribly sentimental and constantly wish that all the characters were reality instead of fiction. Boys in books are better and you know it. Catching the same though train I do have a lot of ficional obsessions. Harry Potter/The Mortal Instruents/Morganville/The Hardy Boys/ Skuldguggery Pleasant/ Artemis Fowl/ The Replacement/ The Perks of Being a Wallflower/ 13 to life/ The fault in our stars are just a few.

TV is somthing i could not live with out. Where else would I see Being Human? Or NCIS? Or Doctor Phil! Oh, the horror!

Well if you asked me (which i'm sure you totally will) i would say i'm a pretty positive person but have some wierdly dark likes, such as Tim Burton (who is totally awesome).

Me? Sarcastic? Noooo.

Well if your really spending time on my lovley page I thank you in advance for not running away and calling the police...or else falling asleep and end up kissing the key board.

Come on, I dare you to give me coffee

If you want you can also check out my website at
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Hlp smn hs stln my vls!
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