Hey my name is Chelsea but some call me Nora, long story. I LOVE to write and I always have. I love to read, write, anything to do with music and hang out with my friends. I’m big on symbolizism  so you may have to think about certain things for more than a second to find out the true meaning.

I've been writing since i was around eight. it started out as a diary but then morphed into stories that described they way i felt without literally saying what happened. As i got older i began to write random stories for fun some good, some not so good. Now writing helps me get a better grip on mmy emotions, its like a emotional output and it takes all my excess emotions and puts them into my characters, giving them life. Cheesey i know. *rolls eyes* Even though i love to write, i'm horrible at spelling soi'm sorry for any and all misspellings. And i'm always on the look out for a editor that will stick around if you interested.

One thing about me you should know is i can be very blunt and tend to speak my mind. i'm not one to beat around the bush or take others crap. so... sorry if i offend you, probably don't mean to if i do.

So if you have questions don't hold back. just ask, no question is wrong.

Oh and enjoy life while your here because believe it or not it is rather short so live it to the fullest!

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    Some where losing myself in music
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slightlynora1569 slightlynora1569 Jun 19, 2012 10:22PM
@JainaR  Sorry about that promise to get to it ASAP. =)   
            @DeboraBraga  Sorry i took it down due to some stuff that happened. =/ Plus it seemed as if no one was really interested in it.....
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