hey there amazing people i live in the UK 
some things i love
theme parks
I listen to
Taylor swift
Justin Bieber
Enrique Iglesias
Katy perry
The Wanted
Ed sheeran
I watch Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liaries, Friends and loads of other good shows
I like to do crazy things
Im against bullying and racism.

My favourite books on wattpad are
A Prospective Relationship and all of XxSkater2Girl16xX books
Forces Of Nature im addicted to this book
Bad Girl is Always More Fun,
Shes Bad News is amazing
Rebel One is hilarious by xsnickerss Firefly is also by Xsnickerss and is just as good
Hey mr kidnapper can you give me a ride home? is so funny and amazing written by racingheart all her books are totally amazing and addicting
All Ive Never Wanted
bad boy cupid and me
READ ILLEGALY LEGAL written by @crumblecookie7337 fan her vote and comment!shes nice and funny sometimes weird but that just makes her funnier she appreciates it when people give her advice on her book ! also fan @LittleRammy my partner in crime

I fan randomly and fan back if I didn't fan back tell me if bored talk to me I like making new friends and meeting new people!!
@SarahKay67 @star10122 @LaurenJ22 @selenaXlyraceuse @Primrose14 are all amazing people who dedicated a book to me I appreciate it alot you should check their books their amazing

bestfriends don't let you do stupid things alone
top 3 lies im fine I don't like any one that was my last piece of gum
cant convince them confuse them
friends buy u luch best friends eat ur lunch
im not lazy at eating drinking watching tv online
learnt at school texting without looking sleeping without gettin caught and team work in tests

|...............| Put this
|...............| if you have
|............O| ever pushed a
|...............| door that said pull.
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