I am a bad Author, for not trying to update my books/stories, and I apologize to anyone who may be reading a book I have completely stopped working on. I'm coming back with newfound strength, and I will be working my finger bones off on my keyboard till they bleed, so I can get things where I would like them.

If there is anyone willing, i'd really like for someone to create a beautiful Cover photo for my upcoming title, "The Calling Of Legends". It's a history, non-fiction, fantasy novel. Not sure about romance yet, but who knows? :)
If anyone can help with this, that would be great, Thanks.

Oh also, I have a great Editor and Co writer helping me with this same book, so go check her out if you want! @OriannaLRJ
- Skipper-Low69

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"Why must you be so difficult?!" He yelled
            "I'm not trying to be!" The young male exclaimed, "I just want you to look at me, not as your young master, but as your Lover!" As the tears welled up in h...
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The Forgotten

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Description: This Novel is a work in progress, and hasn't been updated to a reading point as of yet. You can hear more about this story by asking both me or my Editor/Co-writer in our inboxes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keiran de...


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