I am a bad Author, for not trying to update my books/stories, and I apologize to anyone who may be reading a book I have completely stopped working on. I'm coming back with newfound strength, and I will be working my finger bones off on my keyboard till they bleed, so I can get things where I would like them.

If there is anyone willing, i'd really like for someone to create a beautiful Cover photo for my upcoming title, "The Calling Of Legends". It's a history, non-fiction, fantasy novel. Not sure about romance yet, but who knows? :)
If anyone canhelp with this, that would be great, Thanks
- Skipper-Low69

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The Calling of Legends

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Description: Keiran decides to venture from home and visit new lands and lakes that have yet to be discovered, find mythic creatures and beasts that folk lores often spoke of. Not a bone in his body had given up on his wis...


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