My name is Cammie im 19 i love to write stories and i love to read them. My favorite foods are sushi and chocolate. Im a very out there person lol, im funny, love to talk, wont find me without a book (yea im a nerd lol) umm... im bisexual... and i hope you like what i write comment give me advice on what to improve and ill take your suggessions into consideration.
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Stories by sketcherchic2012
Ring Around The Rosy (Short Story) by sketcherchic2012
Ring Around The Rosy (Short Story) Mystery / Thriller
This is a story of how a young women gets battered hy her abusive husband and how she slowly loses her mind when she finds out that she murdered him.
The Angel of Death (Short Story) by sketcherchic2012
The Angel of Death (Short Story) Romance
Clio is depressed and it was all because her dad died in a car crashed. One day she falls asleep and meets Gabriel the angel of death. What will happen if she falls in love with him?
The Wish (Short Story) by sketcherchic2012
The Wish (Short Story) Romance
The wish is about this girl named Aurora who wants to go to the prom with her boyfriend Brian but when Brian gets in trouble he cant go. What will Aurora do now?
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