Hiya, I'm Jen! 

I lost access to the original prompt account (@promptingskenekidz) so that will act as an archive while this is the active account you can request on.

This account is where you can send me prompts for any of my stories by inbox or on my message board. I will write a short chapter(s) for prompts sent to me.

For people that don't know what a prompt is: Just send me a scenario you want to happen for any of my stories with as much or as little detail as you desire. Feel free to send any prompt for any of MY stories (hate to sound stuck up, but, ya know).

So, inbox me or post on my message board! (you can also send prompts to my Tumblr as anon if you want to)

*A few things to keep in mind:
>You can prompt them at any age (ex. older Galen, younger Ethan, etc.)
>They don't have to be about couples (ex. scenes between Will&Sonnet, Rio&Ethan, etc.)
>You can mix stories (ex. Phil and Nick meeting Jace and Mitch)
>You can prompt specific scenes mentioned in stories (ex. Shane hitting Mitch with the car)

*Things I won't write:
-Anything too out of character
-Weird AUs (I'll write an AU that's like "they never got together" or something, but not anything like werewolf or coffee shop AUs)
-I don't like writing sexual things, so I'll be super picky about that
-Massive crossovers
- Pls stop asking me to make straight characters gay I'm begging u

Please don't keep reposting the same prompts. If you start to bug me about a prompt, I'm less likely to do it out of pure spite sorry dudes. Wait at least 2 or 3 weeks before reposting a prompt
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