Hmmm.... About me?? Well first of all I hate these things because I never know what to put and people are like pssh loser. So welp I guess I'll just put random stuff.

1.) I LOVE to sing. Tis my passion.
2.) I LOVE music. As might have been guessed from the above statement.
3.) Hmm.. Have you ever noticed how weird 3's are? I mean like they are just backward E's. Oh hey they
rhyme... 3... E.... :D
4.) My favorite food is TACOS!! Oh and poptarts are also amazing. (:
5.) I have major OCD

6.) Why is there such a big space between this one and 5?
7.) I have the most amazing niece in the whole wide world.
8.) My favorite color is tiffany blue and my favorite flowers are daisies
9.) I LOVE storms. :)
10.) Oh dang I forgot....
11.) Oh! I remember! My favorites books are The Twilight series, The Hunger Games series, and the Giver.
12.) Thats all. Which makes me really happy because 12 is an even number :)
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    Inside of a marshmellow with a chocolate unicorn (:
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    Sep 23, 2010 10:38PM

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Rue's Hunger Game

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Description: The Hunger Games from Rue's point of view.


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