I'm just a girl who loves to read. I am seventeen years old and I enjoy sports, I mean who doesn't? Get some blood pumping woot woot. I'm just trying out writing, hopefully someone likes it. I've always liked books that are a bit out of the norm, which is not boring. Who wants boring? Not me
Facts about me;
~I love painting same with taking pictures, because I'm scared some day I'll lose my memory and then think wow i was smart because I took loooooads of pictures to remember things :)
~~I looooove anime and manga <3 though school has been a jerk not allowing me to have much time
~Graduating this year then off to uni :)
~Dream is to be a doctor woot
~I'm currently not focusing on studying for diplomas beeeecause it the break and I procrastinate way to much.
~My favorite book ever is Morgan Le fay, read it when I was in grade five and I cried.
~Titanic is the best movie ever, can't wait to watch it in April...in 3D
~Thats enough rambling, go check out my stories plox <3
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siri12 siri12 Apr 27, 2015 06:30AM
Updated! Finally, I knew what I wanted to happen. Let me know what you hated/loved. Forgive me for taking so long <3
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Seductively Trained

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Description: Dimitri, a man who has lived for far too long, takes notice of Siri an innocent girl. When Dimitri notices Siri, his only option is to kidnap her. Duh.


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