I came here for a second chance to follow my dreams and express myself with my writings. My future I still don't know what is waiting ahead of me. Where I want to go or what I want to be, but what I do know is that I want to get my stories published and have a few of my artworks hanging up in a gallery. I want to show the world what I can create from the purest form from inside of me. I'm just a normal girl withe great friends and family. Music and art are how I express myself when my hardships tear at my seams. Life is too short to give up on... don't waste it away.

Tears Can Dry, Blood Can Be Washed Away, But These Scars Will Never Fade

I Watch From Above As You Cry...
I Wish I Could Reach Out And Hold You In My Arms...
I Watch In Black And White As Your World Falls Apart...
I Dream Of Seeing Your Smile Again...
But Until Then My Silver Tears Will Run Down My Cheek
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Tragedy of the Broken

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Description: What would you do when all that you knew, all that you loved was stolen from you? What would happen if you lost everything? Tragedy filled Tara's life when her family was brutally murdered, sentencing her through a constant struggle of pain, heartac...


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Hello everyone. If there is a question in relation to my Tragedy of the Broken I would like to let everyone know I am rewriting the whole story and decided to delete the first draft. The rewritten version will be posted under the same title and every week or so. Please feel free to vote and comment. Thank you.